My Fashionating dress is the most popular! aka Criss- Cross TuTu

Posted by Brittney Sweeney on Saturday, August 15, 2009
It has been quite some time since I have come out with my very popular fashionating tutu aka criss cross tutu and since then so many tutu makers have been trying to duplicate this fabulous look. I should be somewhat flattered by all the copycats but for some reason it is a little annoying. Oh well! I just love this tutu and its versitile look with the criss-cross weaving. I have made this look so many times and trying to make it a little different each time I do it. I figured it keeps the copycatters on thier toes to try to figure this one out. I guess you can say that this tutu put me on the map and got me noticed. I have been blessed to come up with a design as popular and innovative as the fashionating tutu. Just remember where it all started.

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