Cotton Candy Surprise

So my favorite thing in the whole wide world is cotton candy. I love everything about the sugary goodness like looks like a pink fluffy cloud. It reminds me so much of my own childhood and all the good times we had at the carnivals and circuses eating cotton candy. I recently went to a couple of parties where they had cotton candy displayed on the tables and just knew I had to make a special out fit for all the cotton candy themed parties. Cotton Candy has been around for many many years and I hope my new cotton candy design will be around for just as long. My two other tutus that are pictured are my new scrap tutus which are fun and will add a special touch to any shabby chic princess for her birthday.

crochet leg warmers and crochet wrist cuffs with flowers by The Crochet Cabinet 

photos by Songdog photography  


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