I LUV Pinterest! My first project is completed.

My lovely sister-in-law introduced me to Pinterest a month or so ago and after that my life has never been the same. If you have been on pinterest you know exactly what I am talking about. There is so much inspiration my mind cant handle it all.

The first thing that has inspired me was these book shelves in a nursery that covered the wall from floor to ceiling. They inspired me because all the books were placed on ledges with the front covers showing. It really looked like something that would seriously inspire my kids to read more.

So I went online searching for these ledges. For the length and number of shelves I was needing this project was going to cost me close to $300. There was no way I wanted to spend that kind of money being the tightwad that I am. There must be another way, I must have these shelves. So later that next week I head over to the lumber store came up with a wonderful idea. I bought six 1x4s cut into 5 foot lengths, some "L" brackets and screws with anchors. This whole project cost me only $20 !!!!  Since this project was going in my sons room I did not paint the shelves and left the hardware exposed for a more industrial look.
My $20 Completed Project

Supplies You will need:
*Lumber width x length you desire for example: 2x4, cut into the length you desire on the wall
*"L" brackets
* screws for "L" brackets
*screws with anchors for the wall
*tape measure
* step ladder
*screw driver


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