Christmas Gifts under $20

These days everyone seems to be pinching pennies and trying to find as many ways to save as much money as possible. If you are a huge fan of Dave Ramsey, like I am, you know to start saving for christmas way in advance so you are not surprised that it has come early this year. But even if you are super prepared to start shopping for all your christmas items, you find yourself cringing at the thought of how much you need to spend on each item and even if your family and friends will like your gift or not.
Here I have gathered up some fabulous gifts I found for $20 and under. I may not be the best blogger but I am a superb shopper and pinner on I hope you enjoy these items and let me know if this blog helped in any way.
Only 33 shopping days til Christmas

 1. Apple Cranberry Exfoliating Soap $5.75
     Etsy Shop EcoChicSoaps
 2. Back to the Future Onesie $13.99
     Etsy shop 3rd Coast Collaborative
 3. Deluxe BBQ Rubs $19.95
     Etsy Shop CraigsMarket
 4. Shiner Bock Beer Soap $7
     Etsy Shop DailyRepose
                        5. Fornash Aqua Enamel Horse Bit Bangle - $12.50
               6. Candy Cane Baby leggings $12.99 
                     Etsy Shop mypocketfullofposies
7.  Vintage Rhinestone Earring $15
     Etsy Shop ParisienneGirl

 8. Fingerless Crochet Gloves $19
                                             9. Foam Blocks $19.99 
 10. Game Day Bloomers $13.50
     Etsy Shop SweetSeraphina
 11. Toddler's Peacoat Jacket- Pink
 12. Grey Mug Cozy $17.50
      Etsy Shop Natalya's Studio: Handmade Knit and Crochet Designs
                 13. Toddler Girl's Alena Ruffle Boot - Gray
               14. Furry Pink Hoodie $16.72
        15. iPod Hoodie $20 
   16. Lense Cup $14.99
 17. Mustache Necklace $9.90
    Etsy Shop milkool
 18. Personalized Hangers $15
      Etsy Shop BridalCuteHangers
                     19. Personalized Zippo Candle Lighter $14.95
 20.Christmas Blanket Sleeper Pajamas with custom name $20
Etsy Shop LittleDiddleBoutique
                         21.Urban Outfitters Picture Window $16 
 22. Cherry Pie in a Jar $7.50
     Etsy Shop LetThemEatPie
 23. Play Food Groceries - DIY - PDFs - Can be personalized $8.99 
    Etsy Shop sweetemmajean
                24. High-low Geo Top $13.80
 25. $20 for silicone cooking bags that can go straight from the freezer to the microwave
                          26. Superhero Cape $12.50
                              Etsy Shop Pip and Bean
 27. Turquoise teardrop and branch neckalce $20
      Etsy Shop LilliDolli

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  1. I love the furry pink hoodie and mustache necklace.

  2. Nice one guys! Perfect. :) People love receiving a variety of items, and the less definitely looks like more when it is presented in this way. Remember, you're not trying to be a cheapskate, but you want to save money while still offering high quality gifts. Giveaways


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