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  Good morning! I decided to blog today because it is snowy and cold outside and all I want to do is cozy up with my little one, Ella. I love that babies are such great snugglers.
  Today I was searching around on the net to try to figure out how to edit my Christmas photos I took over the weekend. Since I am beginner using my new camera, there were a lot of things I noticed in the photos that I wish I had done different later after I uploaded the photos to my computer. I took all my photos with my Canon EOS 7D with the Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L Lens in manual mode. Having your camera in manual mode gives you a lot more room for some creativity but definitely a learning process with trial by error.
  One of my favorite places to go for photoshop tutorials is the Coffee Shop Blog

Her Photoshop Color Pop Tutorial
really helped to improve my photo.

This was just my first go at this tutorial and you can tweak and adjust it different ways to get the look you are wanting for your photo.

Well I just couldn't stop there and thought to myself I needed to share another photographer whose tutorial has helped me in improving my photos. Her photos have completely inspired me to take on photography and improve my photo taking with my family.
Arden Prucha Photography
Her tutorial Edit: How to Pop was one of the first tutorials I have ever read.
Navigating through this tutorial helped me learn so much on editing with Photoshop. Here is a photo I edited using her tutorial Edit: How to Pop

Now if you are true beginner and don't have Photoshop, I came across this site called that has made photo editing super fast and super easy with just one click buttons. These next photos I use both Arden's tutorial Edit: How to Pop in Photoshop and then uploaded the photos to for some WOW factors that I couldn't figure out or have in photoshop.
Photo taken by Haley J. Photography

The first photo is the "before", the middle photo was edited with photoshop and the last photo was an effect from

The first photo is the "before", 2nd photo was edited on photoshop and the last two photos were the uploaded to

Photo By Ella Rose Portrait Arts

This photo was strictly edited by only. I started in the basic edits page, I then CROPPED--> UNSHARPED MASK on the sharpen button --> Then headed to the EFFECTS --> Hit VIBRANCE --> Faded it down til desire color boost --> Then traveled to the ADVANCE area --> hit the LEVELS button --> adjusted Levels --> hit the CURVES button --> scrolled down to POLAROID effect --> faded it down to desire look ---> then saved to the computer

In this photo I did the exact same thing as above but added the TOUCH UP section.

to fix the redness and spots on Ella's skin

And there you go simple ways to improve your photos and make them pop to profession.


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