Valentine's Mini Shoot

This little session was a lot of fun and so easy to do. I took some of my favorite Valentine's fabric and cut them into strips. 
Next I tied all my strips to a 6 foot long ribbon so it looks like a giant fabric tutu. 
Then I hung the ribbon to my backdrop stand. 
If you don't have a backdrop stand you can easily attach your ribbon steamer to the wall. 
I also added some Christmas lights under the fabric to create a bokeh look with the camera. 
The hearts are hung with fishing line and taped to the ceiling at different levels.
Now set your chair or prop a few feet in front of the back drop so you will get a good blur on the background.
I shot in manual mode
F2.8 ISO250 SS125
Now don't judge too hard ;) I am still a beginner.

This last photo was taken in Faithful Mode


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