Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunsets and Umbrellas

Living in a small town somewhere in the middle of nowhere,
you are very limited in your shopping.
So when I get the chance to get to the city, I waste no time and get on the ball of finding unique items at discounted prices.
Up here in the great plains you get beautiful fields for backdrops but not much of anything else.
Doing the same field shot after field shot gets a little mundane and you get a little stuck in your creativity.
On one of my trips to the city I came across these paper umbrellas Hobby Lobby had for 40% off!
I could not pass these things up and got two different ones.

Here in the photos below, I placed the umbrella in my clients hand and turned her back to the sun.
Having the sun beam right through the paper gave such a pretty glow behind my client.

In front of the client out of the view of the camera is my reflector bouncing light back onto her face. If her skin is too pink from the glow, use the silver side of the reflector. Otherwise, the white side of the reflector will do.

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