Spring Break with the Grandparents

This year on spring break, the kiddos and I decided to head to Fort Worth,Texas for a few days to visit family.  We had a lot of fun visiting Luke, Abby and Ella's great grandparents. I am just so sad we are not closer to each other and the "GOSH DARN it" gas prices are to high to travel to see them more. It was nearly $200 in gas!
There is not a whole lot we can do about it so we just have to really enjoy each other when we do get the chance to visit.

These two people are so very special to my heart and are just the most wonderful grandparents any person would be lucky to have in their lives. I am so glad I am that person.

On the way back home from Fort Worth, there was this amazing field of canola as far as the eye could see. It was just too breathtaking not to stop and get a few photos.


  1. Those are two very special people. I'm so glad our kids are getting the chance to know their GREAT Grandparents! Sorry we didn't get to see you and your three kiddos while you were here.

    1. I know me too. I wish I could come down more often and stay longer so I can get enough time with everyone


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