Buying a couch Dave Ramsey's way

My last entry I made about our

we were in the process of moving in with the in-laws and selling everything to save money to buy a new home.
Well, 6 months later we did it!
We saved our down payment 
and bought a beautiful 1947 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 living rooms brick home.
It could not have been more perfect with the city park and swimming pool right out our front yard.
After we moved in, we decided to take a trip to start furniture shopping.
Since neither one of us had bought furniture in years, we needed to find out
how much we were going to have to spend.
Well needless to say that my picky tendencies could not find a sofa that I LOVED enough to spend $2000 in cash to buy.
So we put the furniture shopping on hold because we did not have our cash saved up yet anyways.
A couple days later my Nana called us and said she had a very nice brand new leather sofa we could have for FREE!
Who would ever refuse something for free 
and it worked out great until we found the perfect furniture for our home.
After months of looking online and pinning to my pinterest board,
I finally came across the perfect sectional for our living room
at Pottery Barn.
OH I was so in love but the price tag was a bit of a heart attack at $4500
Well back to the drawing boards, there is no way I can ever pay that much for that sectional.
A few more weeks went by and now we are closer to the present day.
I decided to take a shopping trip to Fort Worth, Texas.
I had not had much luck online or in OKC
I took a chance, the trailer and my sofa envelope with my cash.
I was only going to allow myself to spend $1200 to $2000 for a new sofa sectional.
My mother came along for moral support.
We shopped all day.
I described to her what my dream couch from Pottery Barn looked liked.
As I was telling her my story, we walked into
Ashley Furniture.
And right in the front door was my dream sofa beaming in the sunlight.
I looked at the price tag and it said $1867.
My mom and I couldn't believe it!
I grabbed the first sales lady and told her this is the couch I am going to buy today
and I have to take it home right now.
BAD NEWS! The sales lady said we have to order it and it will take two weeks before I can pick it up.
I said, Well that is not going to happen. I cant drive another 6 hours back here to pick it up.
My dream was crushed again.
Before I headed out the door something made me turn back and said to myself, I wont take NO for an answer.
I went back to the sales lady and said, "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS COUCH!" 
She said "Let me see what I can do"
10 minutes went by 
She came back saying
"There is a store in North Richland Hills that is closing down. They have the floor model you want and can walk away with it today if you hurry over there."
Here comes the best part!
She said "The sectional has a closeout price of $900"
OMG! Are you kidding me!
Not only can I take the couch home today but I get it for 1/2 off!
My mom and I rush over to the next store and there it was,
the exact couch I have dreamed about for months
I handed the guy my $900 and they loaded my couch onto the trailer.

Moral of the Story
Dave Ramsey your the Man!
What you had taught me and my husband on how to spend our money wisely has just paid off in a huge way. I was able to put back into savings the $1100 I saved on my couch.

I could have been like every other American and financed furniture right after we bought our house. Instead, we bought our home, the Dave Ramsey way, lived in our home for 6 months with no furniture while we saved our couch money in the Dave Ramsey envelopes. Then when it was time to buy, I found the bargain of a lifetime!

Here is a photo of my $900 dream sectional couch


  1. That is very inspiring! I just quit working to stay home with my 2 girls and baby #3 on the way and am really trying to make sure we live well within our means. I have this Dave Ramsey book in my garage from and accounting class I took about 3 years ago. I guess it is time to pull it out and read it again!

    1. I am so glad it has inspired you. I am a stay at home mom with 3 kiddos. I now believe it is very possible to have everything you ever dreamed of and be debt free, it just takes patience and commitment. Good Luck on your journey and if you ever need words of encouragement just hit me up anytime

  2. OMG congrats brittney ¡¡ you are so inspiring for me i've been following you a couple of years with abby's factory first and your photos now, all your work it's amazing¡¡ i've read on your blog about your financial journey, i started looking for dave ramsey videos on you tube and next time i'll go to usa will definately going to buy a book. even though i live in mexico and life styles are so different i'm trying hard to learn and start that journey and have a financial peace as a stay at home mom of 3 kids¡¡ i love all your posts, it just keeps encouraging me :D


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