What is Pink with Black and White Stripes all over?

ANSWER: Abby's fabulous new room.
My sweet little girl is growing up.
She is not into sweet little Disney Princesses anymore, 
but into Zebra and Hot Pink
When I approached Abby about what she would like in her new room
she wanted zebra and pink everywhere.
Well the designer in me could not do and would not do zebra everywhere
so we settled for zebra accents.
So far her room has not cost me much
3 gallons of paint
pink, white & black
about $25 each

New zebra bedspread from TJ Maxx $50

 the fabulous flower chandelier from IKEA $50

Lamp 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby

I painted her bed pink to match her ceiling

Next ,not shown in photos, I will be re-finishing her vanity and night stand, finding a rug and a fabulous chair to do her homework in.



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