DIY: Bench from 2 old Chairs

A fun, simple and easy project!
Make and entryway bench from two old chairs.
I am sad to say I did not get before photos of these chairs but if you can imagine
these two chairs came from a table my grandparents had since the 60's or 70's.
They were very brown and very ugly.

Step 1 I removed the seats from both chairs and used them as a template to make the bench seat out of 1/2" thick plywood.
Step 2 Cut the plywood, add foam and batting
Step 3 Staple the fabric of choice in place
Step 4 Spray paint a thin coat on chairs
Step 5 Paint chairs
Step 6 Distress Chairs with sand paper
Step 7 Use Annie Sloans Dark Wax to age chair
Step 8 Secure chairs underneath the seat
Step 9 Add newly covered bench seat and secure with screws from the bottom


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