DIY: Abby's Witch Hat {Step by Step Instructions}

How to make Abby's super adorable witch's hat.
You will be surprised just how simple and fun this project is!!

Supplies Needed
Card stock paper or Poster board
Scrapbook paper
Halloween Fabric
Hot glue gun
Spray Adhesive
Mod Podge
Hair clip

Step 1
Are making a Hat out of fabric?? Or Are you making a Hat out of Halloween Scrapbook paper??

Step 2
If you are making a hat out of fabric, then trace your templates onto cardstock paper

Use the bowl to trace out for the brim of the hat

Step 3
Take your cardstock paper and trace out onto the fabric

Step 4
Use Mod Podge or Spray adhesive to glue fabric to cardstock

Step 5
Take the half circle and fold into a cone. Glue into place with hot glue gun.

 Step 6
As you see in photo below, I left a lip of fabric hanging over the cardstock.
Take your hot glue gun and glue around the edge inside the fabric.
Then lay hat on top of brim 

I look over in the middle of making this hat and my kiddos are crafting and watching morning cartoons.
It is always such a blessing to see when you inspire your kids to be creative

Step 6
Accessorize your hat

Step 7
A special touch
Secure your ribbon with hot glue and a heart.
The ribbon will tie around the head like a party hat

Step 8
Add a hair clip
Hot glue your hair clip, bobbie pin, or barrette to the heart

Just for fun
Mask template from
Trace onto fun Halloween Scrapbook paper

Viola! A fun simple Witch's Hat


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