My Home Photography Studio

It was such a short summer spent trying to finish
my new studio.
Lots of sweating, blisters on my hands, and backaches
but I finally finished
and now ready to start booking those babies.
I am starting to feel a sense of accomplishment. My first huge project as a single mom has come together almost as I had planned 
{and the only reason I say "almost" is because my budget ran out way before I finished the floors}
My original plan was to have lots of cabinets to hide away all the clutter. I really hate clutter.
But since there were no more funds, I had to get creative.
I had an old cherry desk and an old hutch top from my grandmother's
that I painted both white to look like they went together.
For the props and blankets, I built shelves out of lumber.
Then I constructed three doors together, placed them on casters to hide all the clutter on the shelves. I can roll the doors aside to get what I need on the shelves.
That then gave me some wall space to put a little sofa up against.
The coffee bar is an old reception podium from a restaurant I picked up at an auction.
Finally, is the kids art station. Since I will be spending many hours working, the kids can be right near me creating their own work.
Now all that I have left to do is to go through the hundreds of sessions and pick out photos to display in the studio. This might be the hardest job of all!


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