Halloween Traditions

How many of you have traditions?
We have one tradition that we started a few years ago
and I am hoping that it continues for many years to come.
It might be weird or quirky to you
but it seems to make my children come out of their creative shells
and transform into these theatrical characters.

In the beginning, we just took one photo of the kids in costumes but now that the kids are getting older, they are getting more creative with their halloween shoots

We have already started planning this years shoot and I am hoping it turns out so great and magnificent. Stay Tuned for more.......

Go to my facebook page to see some sneak peeks close to Halloween


Here is a small preview of what our weird little tradition is......

HALLOWEEN Photoshoots
Each year just keeps getting better 

 Halloween 2012 & 2013

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2013 but reedited in 2017

What is Your favorite tradition with your children?


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