Alice In Wonderland Costumes

I love getting to make costumes for my kiddos
and each year we are going to try to top the year before.
This is Halloween 2017
This girls wanted Alice and Wonderland and Luke wanted to be the big bad wolf so we also did
The Little Red Riding Hood

For tutu tutorials, please check out my blog

Cakes are by
Rachel's Buttercream Bakehouse

Abby is Alice
Her Friend Lena is The Queen of Hearts
Ella Rose is the White Queen
Luke is the Big Bad Wolf
Lily is Little Red Riding Hood

Costumes Designed by Me

photos by Ella Rose Portrait Arts


  1. OMG! These costumes are so beautiful. What a great job! I mostly like the little angels costume. I have something to ask you. What photo editing software you have used for these images? Can you please tell me this?

  2. have a great day.

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