DIY: magazine holder into newborn prop

Stopping into thrift stores is one of my most favorite things to do.
I mean that stuff you find is garage sale cheap
and I have a heart attack when I find the perfect piece.

I know so many of you have not seen anything from Abby's TuTu Factory in quite a long time
but I have huge plans.
When I started Abby's TuTu Factory, Abby was only 3 years old and it was just,
Abby, Luke, and I.
Now the group has expanded to Abby 13, Luke 14, Ella 6, Lily 3, and I {not telling my age lol}
Things have been super busy for me.
After my divorce I started a new business venture with Ella Rose Portrait Arts as a newborn photographer and it is growing so much. I couldn't be happier.

As a single mom of 4 kiddos, I am always on a strict budget and everyday I see the most beautiful newborn props that I so wish to buy. Well I don't have deep enough pockets and my business just isnt there just yet.
So whenever I spot a thrift store, goodwill, garage sale or auction, I must go in for some seriously cheap treasure.

Well one day, I was with a friend, and we stopped into this thrift store to browse around. 
 I found this ugly old wooden magazine holder and saw the perfect newborn prop.
Took it home and did my magic.

Viola! My newborn bed!
Check out my facebook to see upcoming photos with a baby in the prop
or website for other newborn photo ideas


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