Thursday, October 13, 2016

DIY : Mermaid Tail

Every girls dream is to be a mermaid.
So lets leave reality and be mermaids for just a little bit.
I am making this costume for my sweet Ella.
This is, I think, the third time she is being a mermaid for Halloween.
But I cant blame her, I was a cheerleader almost every year when I was little.

So here it is
A super easy DIY mermaid tail
Level Beginner

I can say this is a beginner because I am a tutu maker and not much of a sewer at ALL.
I didn't even use a pattern.
Just took the monofin and went from there.

Start by
Gathering Your Supplies

Monofin from Target
Swimsuit Fabric from Joannes
Measuring Tape
Sewing Machine

Measure your child from belly button to the end of the fin.
I laid Ella down then measured
and stood her up and measured again
Next Trace the fin onto the cardboard and set aside

I took two different fabrics, one for the legs and one for the fin.
Cut two pieces of fabric the length of her legs
Turn the fabric where both shiny pieces are facing each other
Pin down the side
Sew down that one side only

Now place the fabric on your child
Pin down the other side
Pull tight when pinning
It is ok if it is a little small
the material is stretchy
Sew down the other side
Place back on your child to see if it fits
Then trim the excess material off

Trim excess material off
Have your child sit down
See if the tail is too long
If it is too long, then pin at the ankles
and trim about an inch below the pin

Now cut your fin out of the cardboard
Trace onto the wrong side of the material
Pin the fin together on the inside of the marks you made
Cut out fin 1/4 inch outside of the traced line
You have two pieces of material pinned together with wrong side out

Sew down each side of the fin
DO NOT sew the bottom of the fin
You will only sew about 2 inches of the bottom to create a pocket for the fin

Slide fin into the material to make sure it fits

Turn fin material inside out
Keep mermaid tail with shiny side out
Slide mermaid tail into fin
Pin the ends together
Sew into place

To put tail on
Have your child place her feet through the tail first
Flip up the fin material
Put the monofin on
Now slide the material over the fin and put the tips into the pockets

For the top, I took the scraps and just sewed a tube top
Then added some ruffles from the leftover rainbow material

All done! Super Easy

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Abby's First TuTu: How To

I cant tell you how proud I am of
Abby and her willingness to grow and learn.
This girl is taking over the tutu business
and I pray and hope she finds so much joy in her journey.

Abby's First TuTu she has made will be for sale on her facebook page at

How to make a 10 inch tutu

Step 1: Gather supplies

4 Rolls of 25 yards of tulle
Carboard 10 inches wide

Take first roll of tulle
wrap the whole roll of tulle around the cardboard

Cut one side of the tulle

repeat for all 4 rolls of tulle

Now you have 4 sets of 20 inch lengths of tulle

Now get your ribbon
measure your waist
the 20 inches added is for the length of the bow to be tied

waist + 20 inches + 20 inches = total length of ribbon needed

We are adding a second ribbon {optional}

If you do add the second ribbon
pin in place 20 inches down from the right side and 20 inches down from the left side
This is just so it will stay in place when you start adding the tulle

Start adding the tulle at one side when it is pinned in placed

You will be using all 100 yards of tulle
if you have left over tulle
push the tulle closer together for a fluffy tutu

All done!
Abby's First TuTu

How to make the Party Hat!
Gather Supplies
Cardstock paper
Party Hat template {google a free download}
Mod Podge
foam brush

Trace your template onto the cardstock paper

Cut out party hat

Trace template onto fabric

Cut Fabric

Add Mod Podge to cardstock paper

Press fabric flat over cardstock paper

Let dry

Take each corner of the flat side
Overlap corners until you get the desired shape of party hat

Hot Glue sides together

Make a tulle PomPom ball

Tear fabric strips and ruffle them around the party hat

Add a bow for added detail

Cut ribbon to tie around your head

Matching tutu and party hat!!!