Sunday, August 30, 2015

DIY: Reversible wood floors for under $65

Get all 4 looks for under $65!

As a newborn photographer, I love those vinyl wood roll up floors
but at $80 + per floor I couldnt narrow down my selection to just one look.
One day as I was visiting my local lumber store,
I was comparing prices on different lengths of wood.
I came across 10ft 6x1s
The price per piece was very reasonable
for my prop floors for the newborn shoots
I need floors that are 5'x5'
That means I needed (8) 10' 6x1s
Next I cut each board in half
That left me with (16) 5' 6x1s

Now I have two sets of prop floors
I could paint each side a different color
which left me with 4 different looks for under $65

16 pieces of 5ft 6x1s

Chose 4 different colors
Cyber Space Grey
Starboard Green
Charming Pink
White {not pictured}

I started with the Charming pink

I watered it down to a wash instead of painting it.
I wanted to see the grain of the wood

On the other side of the pink boards
I painted them with white paint

The next set of boards
I chose the starboard green

After the green dried I sanded the boards down for a distressed look

Then I used Annie Sloan Dark Wax
for more of an aged looked

I used a diaper to apply the wax LOL
It truly was the only thing I had that I could throw away after
I was finished using it

Here you can see the difference between the two green boards

On the back of the green boards I did a grey wash
with the Cyberspace color

Viola! Just flip it over for each look!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How To: Boho Chic or Indian Princess Headband

Here is a fun
quick and easy craft to do for your photo shoots
or put together for your indian princess costume.
Halloween is right around the corner.
My plan is to use for my newborn session
along with my famous newborn teepee
but my sweet daughter was so excited to model this for me, I just couldnt say no.
She did a beautiful job, dont ya think :)
You can get all these supplies at your local craft store
and make this on your own for very little.
Get creative and have fun!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

How To: Newborn Newspaper Hat Made out of Fabric

How to make a newborn size newspaper hat out of fabric

1. Cut fabric 20 inches x 10 inches
2.Flip fabric over where wrong side is up
3. Fold fabric in half
4.Fold corners down
5. Fold brim of hat
6. Pin in place
7. Flip hat over
8. Repeat for brim of hat
9. Sew the hat in place
10. All Done :)

The wooden boat before and after
A $5 Goodwill find!

My Home Photography Studio

It was such a short summer spent trying to finish
my new studio.
Lots of sweating, blisters on my hands, and backaches
but I finally finished
and now ready to start booking those babies.
I am starting to feel a sense of accomplishment. My first huge project as a single mom has come together almost as I had planned 
{and the only reason I say "almost" is because my budget ran out way before I finished the floors}
My original plan was to have lots of cabinets to hide away all the clutter. I really hate clutter.
But since there were no more funds, I had to get creative.
I had an old cherry desk and an old hutch top from my grandmother's
that I painted both white to look like they went together.
For the props and blankets, I built shelves out of lumber.
Then I constructed three doors together, placed them on casters to hide all the clutter on the shelves. I can roll the doors aside to get what I need on the shelves.
That then gave me some wall space to put a little sofa up against.
The coffee bar is an old reception podium from a restaurant I picked up at an auction.
Finally, is the kids art station. Since I will be spending many hours working, the kids can be right near me creating their own work.
Now all that I have left to do is to go through the hundreds of sessions and pick out photos to display in the studio. This might be the hardest job of all!