DIY: Reversible wood floors for under $65

Get all 4 looks for under $65!

As a newborn photographer, I love those vinyl wood roll up floors
but at $80 + per floor I couldnt narrow down my selection to just one look.
One day as I was visiting my local lumber store,
I was comparing prices on different lengths of wood.
I came across 10ft 6x1s
The price per piece was very reasonable
for my prop floors for the newborn shoots
I need floors that are 5'x5'
That means I needed (8) 10' 6x1s
Next I cut each board in half
That left me with (16) 5' 6x1s

Now I have two sets of prop floors
I could paint each side a different color
which left me with 4 different looks for under $65

16 pieces of 5ft 6x1s

Chose 4 different colors
Cyber Space Grey
Starboard Green
Charming Pink
White {not pictured}

I started with the Charming pink

I watered it down to a wash instead of painting it.
I wanted to see the grain of the wood

On the other side of the pink boards
I painted them with white paint

The next set of boards
I chose the starboard green

After the green dried I sanded the boards down for a distressed look

Then I used Annie Sloan Dark Wax
for more of an aged looked

I used a diaper to apply the wax LOL
It truly was the only thing I had that I could throw away after
I was finished using it

Here you can see the difference between the two green boards

On the back of the green boards I did a grey wash
with the Cyberspace color

Viola! Just flip it over for each look!


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