Newborn Tent Photo Prop

I am so excited to bring this post you.
I was cruising pinterest for some great ideas for a few newborn shoots I have coming up.
I kept seeing the most adorable canopy and tents used for newborns.
They were just so sweet
and I sat there and thought to myself that I have so much lace fabric laying around, I can probably make one myself.

So that is exactly what I did yesterday.
On a recent shopping trip
I stopped into 
JoAnne's Fabric
and purchased 3 wooden rods that were under $1 each.
Since I had all the other materials that was the only thing I needed to buy for this project.
Step 1
Supplies you will need:
Hot Glue Gun
3 wooden rods
fabric of choice {about 1 yard or so}

Step 2
Hot Glue the 3 rods in place

Step 3
Glue one end of the ribbon to the rod

Step 4
Wrap the rods in place with the ribbon

Step 5
Wrap fabric around rods and tie in place at the top using a piece of  to match ribbon

Step 6
add flowers

You can change out the fabric options for each Newborn session to achieve a different look each time.


  1. Christina Sentner, it look's like faux fur!! :-)

  2. Christina Sentner, it look's like faux fur!! :-)

  3. Interesting blog and very amazing detail about the newborn photo props well done keep it up.
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  4. Thanks for sharing this. I am trying to make one for a toddler ( 2 year old girl), so I guess I need at least 15 inches wooden tod. Do you know if I can find anywhere?

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