How to make "Scrappy TuTu Clown" costume

The world's most adorable clown costume EVER!
Here is a step by step instructions 
on how to make this clown tutu costume.

Supplies Needed
6 inch rolls of tulle {red,blue,green,yellow,orange,purple,pink}
Scraps of fabric
Hot glue
sewing machine
pom pom balls
card stock paper
elastic {1 inch wide}

We are making
10 inch tutu out of tulle
10 inch tutu out of fabric scraps
Clown Hat
Wrist Cuffs
clown collar

For this tutorial I am sewing the the tutu
for the NO SEW TUTU instructions

One thing, I believe, is that all crafters must have a mannequin.
This makes my tutus look amazing.

Fabric Scraps
20 inches x 6 inches

20 inches x 6 inches
we are making a 10 inch TuTu
20 strips per color
140 strips total

Elastic for the waist band
Ella's waist approx 19 inches 
cut the elastic 17 inches

Ordered a Tank top from Old Navy
Suspenders from Hot Topic
Leg warmers from Knotty Baby Wear

Sew the waist band together

Slide onto mannequin

Take your first color of tulle
Place it thru the waist band like so
There are two strips, one on top of the other

Secure the tulle in place with a pin

There are 4 strips of tulle in the photo below

Do the same with the next color

Repeat all the way around

slide the tutu off the mannequin
sew right under the waist band

Picture below shows what it looks like after you have sewn under the waist band.
Now pull all the pins and set this tutu aside

Now sew a new waist band for the fabric scrap tutu.
Take 1 scrap of fabric
place it thru the waist band just like you did with the tulle.
Pin in place

Repeat this process alternating your colors of fabric scraps

Sew under the waist band

Once you have finished, pull all the pins out of the tutu
Slide the fabric tutu back on the mannequin first.
Then slide the tutu with the tulle underneath the fabric scraps

Double layering your tutus makes them super fluffy

Making the Clown Collar
Cut 30 strips
12 inches x 6 inches

Use the NO SEW TUTU instructions for this part

 Hot Glue the pompoms around the edge of the tutu just like below

Party Hat or Clown Hat

Cut a half circle out of your card stock
Then cut the half circle out of your fabric

Use Spray Adhesive to tack the card stock and fabric together

Fold your half circle into a cone and hot glue in place

Cut a strip 20 inches x 3 inches out of fabric

Pleat and hot glue into place on your hat

Do the same with some tulle strips
then hot glue some pompoms for added pizazz

Hot glue a large shiny pompom to the top of the hat

You can glue ribbon or elastic to your hat.
I am using a plastic headband
You can get these at any craft store

Wrist Cuffs 
use some of your leftover fabric from the scrap tutu
the red and white stripes is 20 inches x 6 inches
the rainbow stripes 20 inches x 3 inches

Pleat and pin in place

Since Ella is only 2 years old she has tiny wrist so I cut the strip in half

Sew the strip down the middle

Hot glue the ribbon on the backside right down the middle where you sewn it.
Fold over and glue down
These will tie around her wrist
You do not have to fold over


  1. Thank you for sharing!! Cross your fingers, you made it look so easy that my poor grandbaby will be getting my version of yours tomorrow!! I'll let yall know how bad it ends up. I've wanted to do this but no clue lol THANK YOU!!

  2. Thank you for sharing!! Cross your fingers, you made it look so easy that my poor grandbaby will be getting my version of yours tomorrow!! I'll let yall know how bad it ends up. I've wanted to do this but no clue lol THANK YOU!!

  3. Wow!

    Super manual,
    beautiful pictures.
    Best wishes and have fun - Monika

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