DIY: Puppet TuTu Costume



Do It Yourself Puppet TuTu Costume

I will take you through step by step on how I made this unique puppet costume.

Photo Shown above at the very top has an 8 inch TuTu in length for the younger girls
Photo Below has a 10 inch TuTu in length for the older girls

To Make the top for this costume,
start off by measuring
around the widest part of the model.
Then measure the length
from Arm pit to Waist/hip area {torso} 

Step 2
Fabric on bolt is folded in half
Roll out bolt of fabric
Measure the length of the Torso area
Then cut length from bolt
Add an extra 1 to 2 inches for hemming

Step 3
Turn fabric with stripes going up and down
Unfold fabric
Measure the widest part around of torso on model
Take that length and measure fabric
{see where scissors are placed}
Add 1 to 2 inches for hemming

Cut Fabric at mark

Step 5
Now it is time to hem the fabric

For easy hemming fold down fabric and press with hot iron

Now fold down sides and press with hot iron

Step 6
I love to pick the zig zag for this costume but you can do a straight stitch

Sew the top 
Then sew the bottom
Do Not sew the sides yet
Stitch looks like so when finished

Step 7
Making the back of the corset
Take your ribbon
cut into 3 inch pieces {6 pieces for each side}
fold ribbon in half and pin to corset
The lighter is to melt the ends of the ribbon so the ribbon does not fray

Step 8
Repeat for other side
Make sure the ribbon lines up evenly on both sides

Step 9
Sew sides and ribbon into place

Cut an extra long piece of ribbon
Weave thru the holes

Step 10
{not shown on costume above with Younger Abby}
Cut out a heart from Fusible Interfacing

Step 11
Then cut heart from fabric

Step 12
Iron the fabric to interfacing

Step 13
Pin heart to corset

Step 14
Take 1 strip of tulle 20inches x 6inches
Fold tulle strip in half
Pleat and Pin to corset
{photo at the top with younger Abby, uses hemmed fabric strip instead of tulle}

Step 15
Sew the tulle and heart in place

Step 16
Cut small pieces of ribbon
to make stitches for the heart
shown in photo below

Step 17
Making the fabric skirt overlay
Roll out fabric from bolt
Fabric is folded in half
Measure 9 inches 

Step 18
Unfold fabric
Place upside down onto the corset

Pleat and Pin in place

Sew the skirt to the corset

Lay over

Place corset and tutu on model
Photo shown below has a shredded edge
{photo on younger Abby at the very top has a hemmed edge}

Step 19
Making the choker for the neck
Cut a strip of tulle 30inches by 6 inches

Pleat and pin down the middle

Sew into place

For the Puff ball instructions
{shown in photo with model at top}
Go Here

Next cut a piece of ribbon to tie around the neck
Hot glue ribbon to tulle

Finished Look so far

Step 21
Making the pole to hold strings for hands and feet


It has been 4 years since I first made this costume. 
Oh how time flies!
Abby has grown so much
She is not only beautiful on the outside but has a beautiful soul
I am so proud


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