Ella Rose 2 years old......Sunflowers

Ella turned two this year and I cant believe how fast time flies.
This year I was very lucky to stumble upon a small sunflower field right off the highway.
I say lucky because you just do not see too much color up here in NW Oklahoma. 
With the dry weather and scorching heat in the middle of summer, everything
is always so very brown by the time I get to do Ella's photos.

To my daughter on her 2nd birthday.
I love you always
You have more energy and spunk than anyone I know.
Your giggles make me smile
When I hear them, I know God has blessed me so very much.

You are such a snugly and lovable baby
You give kisses to everyone you know
Your favorite food is oatmeal
I cant wait to get you up every morning just hear you say "moatmeal"

Happy Birthday Sweet Ella



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