DIY: Dont bypass the ugly!!!

A favorite past time or stress reliever of mine is to go to auctions.
There is such adrenaline bidding on items and winning.
A recent auction I attended had an assortment of great furniture. 
A lot of pieces were going pretty high and I just knew the bidders could call my bluff on a certain piece I wanted.
This one particular piece of furniture was really an ugly duckling but I saw the beaming light of potential and I knew all the others bidders could see what I see.
Or was I wrong?????
This dresser has been through the ringer quite a few times and painted an awful maroon color.
The drawers were falling apart and the drawer pulls were gone and replaced with hanger wire.
Really the only thing going for it was the amazing front legs and the fact it was solid wood.
The body of the dresser did not wiggle so that was a good sign it was built well.

It is now time to start the bid on this dresser. 
I just knew others saw what I saw so I had set a limit onto how high I was going to bid and told myself no matter what not to go over.
By my surprise, no one could see past the wire hangers.
I won the bid at $25

The transformation of this dresser was AMAZING!

I purchased door knobs and pulls from HOBBY LOBBY 50% off
Painted the body grey & the drawers white
Since the dresser was pretty beat up
I just went with it
to bring out the imperfections

I took out the top drawer and replaced it with clearance baskets from HOBBY LOBBY
I absolutely fell in love with this piece once it was finished

I ended up selling the dresser for $750

I found a before photo but the dresser didn't make it fully into the photo.
You can see, slightly, though what the dresser looked liked at the auction


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