How To: Lets start with the basics on making a no sew tutu

How to make a simple NO SEW Tutu

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How to Make a Simple NO SEW TUTU
  1. What you will need:  Measuring Tape, Tulle, Scissors, Cardboard square, and Measurements of waist

2.Measure around the waist where you want the tutu to sit

3. Once you have measured the waist, measure out your ribbon. First measure the length of the waist then add 40 inches, that will be 20 inches for each end to tie in a bow.
waist measurement 21" + 20" + 20" to tie bow = 61" of ribbon total

**waist measurement + 40 inches = total length of ribbon needed

4. Next cut a piece of card board to the length you want the tutu.
I am making an 8 inch tutu

5. Next grab your roll of tulle in the colors you want for your tutu

This is a tip I learned a from Treasures for Tots

6. Start wrapping the tulle around your card board making sure you don't pull too tight. 
Secret #1
I use over 120 or more strips per tutu
This tutu will have turquoise and hot pink so I need to start with 60 strips of tulle for each color.
Wrap the tulle around the cardboard 60 times

7. Then cut from the roll

8. Then I take one end and cut the tulle right down the middle

*Note: I do not cut both ends

9. When you unfold the tulle and remove the cardboard, your tulle should measure approx. 16 inches for and 8 inch tutu

10. Next bring back your ribbon. Measure and mark it at 20 inches

11. Take one strip of tulle and make a loop with your finger. Make sure the ends of the tulle line up together.

12. Place the loop under the ribbon at the 20 inch mark

13. Grab the ends thru the loop like so in the picture

14. Pull the ends thru the loop holding onto the ribbon

15. Pull tight

16. Add two more of the turquoise then move to the next color

17. Then add three strips of the next color

18. Keep alternating your colors

19. Keep going until you have reached the correct waist measurement or until all your tulle strips are gone.

Secret #2
Push all the tulle together as close as possible for that extra fluffy tutu

20. Measure tutu again and then add more tulle until you get to your waist measurement number

Now you have a finished and super fluffy tutu

**make sure you burn the ends of your ribbon with a lighter so the don't fray

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  1. SO CUTE!!! I so want to win this for my little princess!!!

  2. Awesome thanks for the info =) would love to win this tutu for myprincess

  3. So cute! Thanks you i dont think mine would look as perfect.

  4. Oh my!! I love it,I hope my tutu comes out perfect just like yours


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