Ella Rose Portrait Arts

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This is my very very first installment of Ella Rose Portrait Arts. I have always had a passion for photography and that is one of the jobs about Abby's TuTu Factory I was always most excited about. You can see the dress in person and it is wonderful but when it is worn and danced around on photos it is absolutely breathtaking. There is just something intriguing about the art of getting your message into a photograph. I want to be able to bring my passion and how I see things through the lens to all my followers. You will also get behind the scenes look at how it all comes about from start to finish.

Today's session was with my newest inspiration, Ella Rose. We are getting ready for Christmas and practicing all the new things we have learned. I don't think I would have the courage today to take on photography if it wasn't for pinterest.com and all the how-to blogs out there. Today's inspiration is brought to you by


Here is my setup that I made in my home

Please excuse the mess, we are getting ready to decorate the living room for christmas. I used the red pillow and silver ball to test my photos before I brought in Ella.

Here is the final result

1/80 F3.2 ISO1600


  1. Thats a great idea! Beautiful pic's!

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  3. How do you use the canvas. Where do you put them while. Taking pictures?
    Also I just sold rebel and bought a 60D. Was that smart or should I have got the rebel t4I?

    1. The canvas is used as a reflector to reflect light back onto the babies face. About switching cameras, I havent used either one of those canons so I cant really answer that question properly


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