Our Family Christmas 2011

      It is that time of year again, it goes just as quickly as it came. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year with family, friends, gifts, parties, and lots of food. Having children brings such magic to Christmas. In my previous post I put that I was seriously saddened at the fact I was going to miss Christmas with my two oldest children because they were going to their dads.
  So sitting there having my little pity party, I thought to myself, "Why does Christmas and Santa have to come on the 24th?" UMMM Duh! It doesn't have to! I called all my family and had Christmas moved up a week so we can all enjoy Christmas together before Luke and Abby left for their dad's.
   Saturday my hubby and I loaded up the kids and headed off to see Santa to let him know we were having Christmas early this year. Santa was more than happy to help and granted our wishes by coming later that night. Once we arrived home, the kids wrote their letter to Santa and left him milk and cookies. They got their jammies on and headed straight to bed waiting on the arrival of Santa.
   Morning soon arrived and my prayers were answered, I got to hear the little pitter patter of feet scurrying to the living room to see if Santa had come. Soon you hear two little screams and two kids leaping for our bed to wake us up. It was just like it would have been if it was December 25th. My heart filled with joy that morning seeing the gleam in their eyes as they played with the gifts from Santa.


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