What's for Dinner this Week? Getting ready for Christmas!

I just cannot believe that Christmas is only a week away! Whew.... What has happened to this year?! It seems just yesterday I was sweating and sitting under the air conditioner waiting for little Miss Ella to arrive. Now she is here and a whole 5 months old.

I am so excited that this is Ella's very first Christmas. My hubby wonders why I even make a big deal because she wont even remember but as all moms know, deep in our hearts they do remember and know it is Christmas ;)

This Christmas my heart is also saddened. This will be my very first Christmas without my other two children, Luke and Abby. They will be visiting their dad this holiday. I have never missed a holiday without those two and not having them there this Christmas morning and the sound of their pitter pattering feet to go see what Santa has brought, has brought many tears each day leading up to the day they leave. I would be handling this a lot better if their father was helping to take care of them but he is not. Each month I am promised that things are getting better and he will get caught up but each month is the same old story and I am left to support Luke and Abby on my own. I am there wiping noses, doing homework, tucking them into bed, and making sure they are fed, clothed and shoed. Why do I have to miss one of the most magical mornings of the whole year?

So this week's meals are dedicated to comfort foods. I am praying Luke and Abby have the most wonderful Christmas and make it back home safe so I can wrap my arms around those two.

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BBQ Ranch Chicken Sliders with Sweet Potato Fries

Stuffed Pork Loin with Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus

Easy Chicken Marsala


We are attending my Husband's Family Christmas party so I decided to make

Baked Buffalo Chicken Bites and Hot Chocolate Popcorn

Dijon Chicken Linguine with Mushrooms and Toasted Almonds

French Dip Crock pot

I was going to post Sunday on here but it is Christmas day and I know pretty much everyone does a traditional meal. If you aren't traditional, I would love to hear what you serve on Christmas day.
Instead for Sunday I am putting the recipes for everyone gifts, A lovely Peppermint Sugar Scrub, Homemade Vanilla Marshmallows, and Oreo Peanut Butter Bites

Happy Holidays and a Very Merry Christmas


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