What's for dinner this week?

  From the very first day I had signed up for pinterest and I have pinned my favorite recipes on my recipe board to have quick access to all my faves. Since I am a very visual person I need pictures of the recipes to put me in the mood of what I will be eating. If I cant see it I dont want to eat, so cookbooks have never worked for me. Pinning all my recipes on my board has somehow led to almost perfect meal planning. I seem to be more organized and more excited to go to the grocery store because I know exactly what to get and not just wondering around stocking up on things I think I might need. Meal planning has been very helpful and I have been able to use fresh ingredients in my dinners.

So What is For Dinner this Week?

These are in no particular order at all, for some reason I get halfway through my list and then switch a few meals around because my mood has change

Click on the photos to pin these recipes to your Pinterest Boards

Dinner # 1 Lemon and Rosemary Chicken......HMMMMM super easy

Dinner # 2 CrockPot Orange Chicken

Dinner # 3 Lasagna Soup

Dinner #4 Zatarians Red beans and Rice, 
           just add smoked sausage

Dinner #5 Easy Velveeta Cheesey Skillet
                       Chicken and Broccoli

Dinner #6   Tacos

Dinner # 7 Warm Comforting Chili


  1. "If I cant see it I dont want to eat"

    Sounds like an oddity of yours.

    To the contrary - if I see it I want to eat it!


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