A Fun day

Posted by Brittney Sweeney on Monday, October 5, 2009
Today was a fun day in the park. It was Kawanis Kids Day. I had entered my two kiddos in the costume contests and costume parade. Luke was entered in the Pet and Owner catagory and Abby was entered in the Costume catagory. The many kids and costumes that showed up were just adorable and a lot of fun to see. The pet and owner catagory that Luke was entered was an especially cute catagory. All the kids were dressed in costumes with their pets to match. Luke and I made the decision to make a spider costume that we had seen on the internet. Our little dog, Charlie, was Luke's captured fly. He was just so cute and very cooperative with his homemade bug eyes and little fly wings. They both made a buggy little team. Luke and Abby both recieved 2nd place in their catagories. The pet and owner that beat Luke and Charlie out was this most adorable girl and pony team. They were both dressed as tutu wearing ballerinas. You can just imagine how adorable a little pony would look in a pink tutu.


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