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Posted by Brittney Sweeney on Thursday, December 4, 2008 Under: Blogging
Just wanted to keep you updated on what I have been doing lately. I know you guys have not seen anything new from me in awhile. But I have to tell you I have been working hard to create a tutu that is truely original. I have done an extensive amount of research, studying every tutu boutique out there (Boy there are a lot!) to see what they are making. I am wanting my new line to be very unique and original. I did not want to design the typical tutus that everyone else is doing. I want to completely stand out form all the rest. My two newest collections are almost complete and I am so very excited to show you them. But you will have to wait until I am finished with every last piece before I post them up for their fashion debut. I do not want any copycatters trying to imitate my designs before I get them all up. Because of the extensive amount of time and research I have put into my new line I know for sure noone out there has done what I have designed. These new lines will be Abby's TuTu Factory originals so you want to make sure you buy one right away before they are all sold out. What you are about to see in week or so wont be availble anywhere else and if you do they are imitations of my work. I have done my homework on this and I wanted you to beaware that I am the only one who came up with these designs. I am so anxious, I cant hardly wait. Dealine is December 16th
Coming Soon.....The Heavenly Collection and The Fashionating Line
*criss cross overlay in the Fashionating line is protected by copyright

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