Lights, Camera, REALLY!!!!

This is what happens 90% of the time I take Ella's Photos.
This girl keeps me on my toes
It would be an awesome photo if I can only get Ella to look at the camera.
 I swear she refuses to look at me.

Ok !!
Onto what this post was suppose to be about LOL
I was just sitting here thinking that
I just cannot even believe it has been one year
since I have taken the photo of Ella Rose in her big red bow for Christmas.
 Lets do a little update.
You remember the blog post I did a year ago with the beautiful photo by
Lizvette Wreath
click on her name to go check out her facebook page

This photo inspired me to purchase my very first professional camera and lens. I saw this photo and how she set everything up and a light bulb went off. I can do this!!!
 But boy was I wrong. You cannot just purchase a camera and start shooting. There is so much into photography. So all year I have pinned,saved, you tubed, read, read, read everything I could find to help me improve my photos. The one important thing I have learned is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.
I am still learning and have a lot to improve on but this journey has been so much fun
and looking forward to the next year.
This was the photo I took a year ago.
Not very good, but Ella was too cute in her bow
My settings a year ago
1/80  F3.2  ISO 1600

The ISO was way too high and I had quite a bit of noise in the photo above. 

Here is Ella Rose one year later
in her same big bow
Photo on the left 1/100 ISO 320 F2.8
Photo on the Right 1/100 ISO 400 F2.8

Here is my quick little set up
The only thing I regret is not having a big enough white rug so I could set Ella further away from the lights in the background


  1. Looks good! I just did some like these today and had the same issue you had. Not enough room in front of my backdrop. I think they still look great, though!

  2. I would love to see how yours turned out. I wish I had a bed with no head board so I could get further away and keep ella from running off. I think trying to keep her in one spot by myself was the most difficult

  3. Where did you find that wonderful bow?? I'd like to order a few

    1. LOL I made the bow myself. I took two rectangle pieces of fabric, sewed them together. I took the same fabric, wrapped it around the center and hot glued it in place. Then I hot glued it to the headband

  4. What kind of camera do you have? I have a Canon Rebel t3i and my F only goes down to 4.

  5. Beautiful pictures, you did a wonderful job!


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