Playing with Tones, Hues and Actions

I cannot be more lucky to have such a beautiful daughter
that loves her photo to be taken.

As I set up each session to edit, I sit here trying to figure out where my style is going.
I follow so many great photographers and love all thier styles and wonder how they do it so effortlessly.
I am in the process of playing and trying to figure who I want to be as a photographer.
Even though I love THEIR work,
I want to have my own style.
But trying to figure that out is the hard part.

So on this day I took Abby out to the front yard to shoot a little bit.
 It was chilly so we didnt stay out very long.
I do know that when I do shoot, I love to have the evening sun as a backlight.
I just think it brings such soft beautiful colors to my photos and right now I am obsessed with that.

You are more than welcome to leave your comments or critiques on what you are liking and not liking.
We didnt do much on posing beause of the chilly weather so we just stuck with face shots 
to practice with tones, hues, and actions.


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