How To: Chalk Board Dining Table

The moment I decided to paint my dining room table with chalk board paint was the very moment I looked up at the TV and saw the Target Christmas commercial. They had a family sitting around a dining table painted with chalkboard paint.
The kids and I were sitting for dinner one night watching Wheel of Fortune (my hubby works the night shift), I look down at my table and gaze over all the scribbles my littlest had made. I start to brainstorm and think to myself what if we could all sit here and scribble on the table while we eat dinner.
Then it hit me that I had a can of chalkboard paint. As I am doodling my idea, that is when the Target commercial came on with my idea. I knew it was a sign and just had to do it!

Supplies used
Paint brush
paint roller
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (pure white)
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (florence)
Annie Sloan Dark Wax
Krylon Chalkboard paint
sand paper

1. Take apart table
2. Wash off any dirt and dust
3. Paint Legs (Annie Sloan Chalk paint- Florence) there is no need for sanding or priming
4. I had painted the table originally with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Pure White before I decided to do the chalkboard paint. I had antiqued the table with Annie Sloan Dark Wax
5&6 photos of the before
7. Sand down the wax off the table
8. Clean table of dust
9. Paint a thin layer of chalkboard paint.
10. Let dry for 30 minutes or so.
11. Use a roller to paint on second coat of chalkboard paint so you dont have any brush marks
12. I added my leaf to the table
13. Repeat steps 7-11
14. Let dry for 24 hours
15. Take your vinyl placemats and do a rough placement
16. Peel off back and stick on table, carefully.
17. Huckleberry Creations were so very kind to do a complete custom placemat order.
18. Finished! All placemats with their flatware

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