Ultimate Newborn Session Giveaway!!!

Well the winter months are just around the corner
and we going to be stuck inside away from all the yucky weather.
What does this mean for me?
It means all those beautiful outdoor photo sessions will be dwindling down :( BOO
So I have thought about this for quite sometime and with all the down soon to come, I will be taking advantage of classes and tweaking my editing skills.
During the winter months you will be seeing a lot of past photo sessions revamped with new editing!!!!
Also I want to improve my newborn skills with posing, lighting and photoshop manipulation. The winter months are perfect for this because Newborn sessions are 90% indoors, very rarely do we ever go outside.
To improve my skills, I need to book more newborns!
So I have come up with the
Ultimate Newborn Session Giveaway!!!!!!
4 very lucky expectant mothers will recieve a
You can enter for yourself or you can enter to give as a gift for a expectant mother to be.
Share this and have all your friends help you win by having them enter the contest too.

Winner or Mother-to-be must live within 60 minutes from Shattuck, OK 73858
If Mother-to-be lives further than 60 minutes, travel expenses may apply
Winner will only recieve one free newborn session {approx. $250}
Prints do not apply
Mother must be due in months November, December, January, or Feburary


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