Sunday, November 17, 2013

How To: Christmas 3 Tier TuTu

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It is that most wonderful time of the year again.
And time to take those beautiful Christmas photos for your Christmas cards.
Nothing is more whimsical and elegant
than a
3 Tier TuTu.
Here I will show step by step
how to get the most fluffy and full
3 Tier TuTu EVER!

I chose a more non-traditional color sceme
just because I fell in love with this beautiful fabric so much.

You can chose 3 different colors or just 1 solid color for your 3 tiers.
For this tutu, I chose
Rose Mauve for the bottom
Light Pink for the middle
Cream for the top 

I am making this tutu this tutu for my 9 year old
So make sure you measure the waist and length properly

For my longest length tutu, rose mauve color, I cut 60 inch strips. That makes a 30 inch tutu.
For the middle length tutu, light pink color, I cut 42 inch strips. That makes a 21 inch tutu.
For the shortest length tutu, cream color, I cut 24 inch strips. That makes 12 inch tutu.

How many strips to cut?
60 inch strips = cut 120 strips
42 inch strips = cut 60 strips
24 inch strips = cut 60 strips
Total strips = 240

**This is an approximate amount based on size of a 9 year old girl**
For girls or toddlers smaller, you might cut shorter and fewer strips

#1 Always steam fluff your tutu before photos to soften the tulle and make extra fluffy


  1. This TuTu is absolutely gorgeous! Just a quick question? You keep the two waist bands separate so there's technically two pieces to put on? Or did I miss a step?

    1. Yes there are two pieces to put on. I do this so I can use as much tulle as possible to be super fluffy and thick.

    2. Beautiful! I have a question about step 9. It says to take off the top waist band & sew it under the elastic, then repeat for the bottom waist band. Is this the step that combines the two waist bands into one? As in, I will just be placing one of the elastic bands over top of the other? Sorry if this sounds confusing. Just wanted to make sure before attempting it. Thank you so very much!

  2. How do you alternate and put the 2 middle length tulle strips and the 2 short length tulle strips; By sandwiching them?