The Original Rainbow TuTu

Posted by Brittney Sweeney on Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dont be fooled by imitators. The one and only rainbow tutu is found at Abby's TuTu Factory. I love making the rainbow tutus. They are so vibrant fluffy and delicious. These tutus are perfect for those fun and lively photoshoots.
Many people try to copy and imitate my rainbow tutus but no one does it like ATF! Beware of cheap imitations!

The rainbow tutu and rainbow tutu dress are made of many many many yards of fluffy vibrant tulle. These six colors of the rainbow blend so effortlessly to make the rainbow appear luminous. The bright neon colors in the tutu are blue, green purple, pink, yellow and orange. For a more saturated rainbow like the one Rainbow Brite is know for order the rainbow with red and ask for skittles. I can make this tutu in any size or length your heart desires. To order just simply email me.

8 inch TuTu

14 inch TuTu

Rainbow Halter Dress


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