How To: Tutu Valance and Fabric Scrap Curtain

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How to make this absolutely adorable and very simple Tutu valance and fabric scrap curtain.

First off you will need to gather all your supplies.

Next You will need to measure the window or windows
My window is approximately 64 inches wide

Then you will need to measure your ribbon
you will need
10 inches of ribbon for each side plus the length of the window
My window measures
10" + 64" + 10" = total 84" of ribbon

Cut all your tulle strips to the length desired for your window.
I am using 20 inch strips 
which will make a 10 inch tutu

Follow all the directions from

For a 64" window I needed approximately 290-300 strips of tulle

Now you have finished with the tutu
Lets move onto making the bows for the tutu valance
Start by laying out your fabric
Measure about 9 inches
This will make a 4 inch wide bow

Cut down the fabric

This is what your fabric should look like after you have made the cut

Next open the fabric and lay it out right side up

Fold the fabric in half long ways with wrong side showing

Next iron fabric to smooth out the wrinkles and make it easier to sew

Next sew the sides together
The other side is the folded line so you don't have to sew that side

 After you have sewn the sides together, trim the thread

Next turn the fabric right side out

Then iron to smooth the seams and any wrinkles

Next take one end of the fabric and fold the ends inside like so.

Sew the end together

Repeat for the other end

Next fold the strip in half

Make two loops with your fingers

Tie in a bow

Next Screw in your hooks in place

Then hang your tutu valance on the hooks and tie with the extra ribbon on the ends
Next hot glue your bow on the tutu

Repeat this process for the next 2 bows

Now to make the Scrap Fabric Curtain

 Start by gathering all you extra fabric lying around and coordinating your colors together
Next cut your strips about 3 inches wide
and as long as you want
You can make them as long as the length of the window or keep them short like I did
My strips are about 21 inches in length
and 42 inches unfolded
The material above is folded in half measuring 21 inches

Once you have all your fabric strips cut
iron them smooth

Next take your curtain rod just like how you would for your ribbon for the tutu
Now attach the fabric to your curtain rod like you are making a tutu

Pull the ends through the loop and pull tight

Keep alternating your strips. I like to use a lot of different fabrics but you can do the same with just using one fabric

Here is the finished curtain rod
So cute!

Finally you are ready to hang your curtain rod

You can also do this 
in all light pink for that little ballerina in your life
Pink and black for the Paris Motif
Hot Pink and Pink for the Zebra Lovers


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