Dear Customers,

I am writing to you because I will be opening Abby's TuTu Factory back up for business very soon and there are a few things I would like to discuss with all you. First off, I will no longer be taking emails for custom orders. Now the tutus and dresses I already have available have areas on my website where you can customize the tutu or dress in different colors or sizes. Here is how to get there on my website:

Customize Your TuTu
Click on Shop-->Click on Design Your Own TuTu-->Choose Length of TuTu--->Start Customizing

Customize a TuTu Dress
Click on Shop-->Click on TuTu Dress photo-->Click on Design Your Own-->Pick Your Favorite Dress-->Choose Colors-->Take all measurements-->Add any special instructions-->hit send

Customize Criss Cross TuTus
Click on Shop-->Click on CrissCross TuTu photo-->Click on Design You Own-->Pick your favorite TuTu-->Choose colors-->Take all Measurements-->Add any special instructions-->hit send

Secondly, I am needing you to be patient with me. I am a one woman show who has a family and expecting a new baby in July. There will be times where I will have a sick kid and will have to put orders on hold but I will give you notice and if you will need a refund, I will completely understand but I will do my best to get all orders out in a timely manner. My family always comes first no matter how much I love my job. Since I am expecting my third child in July, I will be taking time off for my maternity leave. I am hoping that I can work as long as I possible but if there comes a time where I am needing to quit sooner than expected, I will be forced to refund all orders who I will not be able to finish. I am saying this now because I do not want to receive all the hate mail from angry moms who think it is more important to have a tutu than for me to take care of my family. Last summer, I received emails from moms, who basically were bullying me, because I was forced to refund orders I couldn't finish. Like I said before, the welfare of my family comes first and I have been debating on opening back up just because of these bully emails. Come next fall, I will have a new baby and I will be homeschooling my autistic son and juggling all my orders with Abby's Tutu Factory. I will have a lot on my plate and that is why I am begging for your patience. Cutting down on the constant emails will give me more hours to do orders and get them out faster. I will post the wait limit for orders so you will know how long it will be til you receive your order at your door step. Please do not bombard my email with wanting to know a constant daily updates on your order. I am only one person and if I am constantly answering emails I am not being able to make your order.

In conclusion, I really love what I do here at Abby's TuTu Factory and I will be making all new things for you to choose from. Hopefully there will be a day where I can hire all the help I need so Abby's TuTu Factory can keep growing and growing and I wont ever have to worry about putting orders on hold or refunding because of sick kids or a sick mommy. I am really excited to get started again and looking forward to the most amazing year ahead. Thank you all so much for your support and loyalty.



  1. I totally understand where you're coming from, alot of times people forget that Earth does not revolve around or stop for them. I appreciate you and the company even more now because you were honest and business minded enough to let us know before hand that you will need a break and you will have to look at the bigger picture (your kids/family wellbeing) over money and someone's child looking cute for their bday or other random event. If you ever need any help managing any websites or blogs, I've worked from home before and could be of assistance. But in the meantime, can't wait to order!


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